Want to gift that perfect blend you love to someone you care? Or are you looking for the perfect corporate gift to share with your business associates? If the answer is yes, then let us help you introduce someone to the wonderful world of organic tea. Simply browse and choose from our selection of gift sets and tea samplers.

The Exo-tea-que Bouquet: Choose from our different varieties of green tea and Anshi tea and accessories to make this classy gift pack for others or just for your own indulgence. 

Elite Gif-tea: Choose from our different varieties of green tea and Anshi tea and accessories to make this elite gift pack for business associates

A DIY gift box with your favourite APPL blend, tea-ware and accessories will make your gift extra special and add class to any occasion.

Wooden Tea Box: This one is really simple. You will just need plain small drawstring coloured muslin bags, ribbons and a wooden box. These bags make the perfect containers for filling with loose tea leaves. Scoop approximately 2 tablespoons of tea leaves from each of the blends into each sachet bag and draw string tightly to seal. No need to knot string. Neatly arrange tea bags into a wooden box and adorn with a ribbon for added colour. Your gift box is ready!

Tea Gift Basket: You can also make a personalized homemade tea basket to gift to your special one. You might have an old basket at home, line it on the inside with fabric. To increase the appeal of the gift basket, use colorful cloth with a floral, gingham or plaid print. Keeping in mind what your recipient would like, choose from the variety of APPL tea blends. Select few accessories which are decorative and will go well with the package. Also look for treats such as chocolates, brownies, petit fours or biscotti. Add any additional accessories you think your recipient would like. For example, a picture frame, scented candle or a small stuffed animal could help to fill up an empty spot in a large gift basket.