Amalgamated Plantations’ origins date back to the pioneering days of tea, when James Finlay in 19th century, played a dominant role in the Indian tea industry.A century later, in 1976, Tata and Finlay joined forces to form Tata Finlay. This partnership, opened up new frontiers of growth and business. Some years later, Finlays divested their share to the Tata Group.In 1983, a newly energized company was formed – Tata Tea.

Tata Tea emerged as a major player in the tea industry. The introduction of ‘poly packs’ and ‘instant tea’ by the company revolutionized the consumer market. Among India’s first multinational companies, the operations of Tata Tea and its subsidiaries focus on branded product offerings in tea.

Amalgamated Plantations is the emergent entity from divestment of the plantation business of Tata Tea in East/North India. Multiple stakeholders include IFC, a part of the World Bank Group, the Tata Group, partner investors and employees including estate workers.

Deeply committed to tea, Amalgamated Plantations has emerged as the second largest tea producer in India. Its tea range includes CTC, orthodox, green and organic varieties.

Amalgamated Plantations’ activities will also include: pisiculture, floriculture, fruits, and vegetables, various horticultural crops, seed and medicinal/aromatic plants.