Bush Pepper Training by Lady Custodian of Dibrugarh Circle Estates

Date                             : 08.07.16

Venue                          : Staff Club, Nahortoli T.E.

No. of Participants : 25 nos.

Time                            : 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Lead Trainer            : Mrs. Gayatri Siddhanta assisted by the Pepper Mitra and the Pepper Core Team of Nahortoli



Boost Female Entrepreneurship by training, support and access to markets and supply chains.

Supporting the growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises among women-folk.


Key Highlights:









1.       Mrs. Rinkumoni Datta (Nahotroli)

2.       Mrs. Nazma Begum (Nahortoli)

3.       Mrs. Jina Rajput (Chubwa)


Spin-off observed:

·         We are glad to inform all that awareness have been generated from the previous trainings sessions given since last 2 years on the above subject.

·         As most of the staff member in estates have started keeping 2-3 bush pepper plants in their  household and are getting fresh black pepper for their domestic use.

·         This is a positive sign.