Bush Pepper Training by Lady Custodian of Nahorkutia Circle Estates

Date                           : 24.06.16

Venue                        : Nahorkutia T.E Crèche

Time                          : 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM

No. of Participants : 54 nos.

Lead Trainer            : Mrs. Vijaya Sarmah assisted by the Pepper Mitra and the Pepper Core Team of NHK



Key Highlights:

1.       Miss. Lakhi Sahu (NHK)

2.       Miss. Priya /Urang (NHK)

3.       Miss. Pobina Guala (NHK)


Spin-off observed:

Awareness have been generated from the previous trainings sessions given since last 2 years on the above subject.

As most of the staff member including Management Staff in estates have started keeping 2-3 bush pepper plants in their  household and are getting fresh black pepper for their domestic use.

This is a positive sign.