Celebrating Fish Farmers Day

Fish Farmers Day was celebrated on 10th July 2016  in the fishery sites at Powai, Namroop, Chubwa, Hathikuli and Nahorani.


Significance of National Fish Farmers Day 10th July:

This day is celebrated all over India as the National Fish Farmers Day every year. The significance of celebrating this day is to pay respect to two great fishery scientists Dr. Hiralal Chuadhury and Dr. K.H.Alikunhi who had developed the technique of induced breeding of Indian Major Carps (IMC) in India for the first time on 10th July 1957 at Cuttack which started a new era in Indian Aquaculture Industry and revolutionized the carp culture in India.


Key highlights of the day:







Excellent initiatives taken by PWI,CHUB,NAMP,HTK & NAHOR.