Chairman’s visit to Nowera Nuddy Tea Estate

Mr. Ranjit Barthakur, Chairman-APPL had visited Nowera Nuddy Tea Estate on 6th August 2016. He was accompanied by Mr. Conrad Godfrey Dennis, VA-Dooars, APPL . The Chairman received a warm welcome by the Estate workers and escorted by the Jhumur team to the Creche. The Chairman thanked the crowd for the overwhelming welcome and rewarded the Jhumur team for their performance.

Mr. Barthakur spent some memorable time with the children in the crèche and met the CHVs. The Senior Manager of the estate showed him around the infrastructure development undertaken in the Creche. Some valuable suggestions were also given by the Chairman to improve the Creche facilities.

The Chairman interacted with various segments of workforce which included the operating Trade Unions, estate workers, EEC members, Staff members and Shareholders who have attended the AGM in the past as well the ones attending in this year.

The Chairman also visited the worker’s colony, Bungalows, Hospital, Canteen and Factory and had a close look at the development work carried out during last two years. The Chairman also had a cup of tea in canteen along with union members of garden unit and discussed with them on their various issues of the estate. During the course of his visit to these establishments he also added valuable suggestions which could further improve other areas.

The Chairman applauded the estate team for commendable job done in improving the infrastructure and operation area and wished the team success in years to come.