Pepper Nursery training programme to farmers by Arup Borgohain, Haren Pathak and team in Umsur village on 15 December, 2015.

Project: Small Farm Integration for Sustainable Agriculture through Collaborative Farming ; A SDTT sponsored program implemented by APPLF & GS at Chhaygaon.
Main objective: To hold a Focus Group Training (FGT) on pepper nursery operations and aftercare of RMPs.
Site selected: Usmsur at Shri Loken Rabha`s farm where a new RMP was developed in Sept 2015
Key Highlights:
a) From APPL/APPLF: Arup & Horen
b) From Grameen Sahara: Shri Amyia Das, Project Manager.
§ Cluster facilitators from GS: 5 nos (Babar Saikia, Gopi, Aditya Nag, Debottam Chakraborty & Sreemanta)
c) Farmers: Total = 15 nos [who had already developed RMPs (8 nos) at Chhaygaon cluster + 1 from Goalpara (new cluster) + 6 new farmers.]
d) Lunch was provided to all the participants.
e) Also visited one progressive pepper farmer Shri Rustam Boro in Meghalaya border having almost 400 nos of fully mature pepper vines; earning almost Rs.2.00 lac from pepper and Rs.1.50 lac from arecanut. [Very good model to emulate by the farmers of other clusters]

Tools used for training:
A short presentation highlighting the good progress made in RMP development by the farmers under this project, explained the after-care required in the RMPs, the next steps in pepper nursery, basin management, harvesting & curing. Mostly photos were shown to the farmers for better understanding; which was very effective way of communication.

Practical demo on nursery mixture preparation, poly-sleeve filling with nursery mixture, compost application in RMPs, tying of vines in RMPs, basin management were shown to the group.

Shri Milan Rabha and Shri Loken Rabha made good progress; they have already started planting pepper vines in the available tambul trees besides developing good individual RMPs.