“Train the Trainer” program at Kellyden Tea Estate

Mrs. Mehra along with Estate Medical Officer’s wife and few other interested staff & worker ladies actively participated in the training
program (almost 20 to 25 participants). Mr Anup Mehra gave the opening speech and encouraged the ladies to take up this initiative as a homestead crop; highlighting its domestic use, decorative purpose and also its economic value. Few live potted Bush pepper plants with fruiting spikes were displayed. Thanks to Dr Pallab Sarma’s wife for the same. These were planted in July last year and have started bearing fruits within ONE YEAR! This created lot of interested lot among the group.

Mrs. Mehra took lot of interest in the program and asked lot of relevant questions and ensured that she will take extra classes on the subject among the interested ladies of Kellyden and in the 2nd phase she will also conduct similar training programs for the other ladies groups of Nagaon estates (Sagmootea and Nonoi) within few months. In the concluding speech Mrs. Mehra spoke about the health benefits of pepper. Lot of ladies have requested for Bush Pepper cuttings; which was promised to them within Sept/Oct once the cuttings are ready in the nursery; meanwhile they were asked to keep their tubs/pots, potting mixture ready.

Thanks to Mrs. Mehra. She even promised to follow up on this – from nursery stage to transplanting them in pots.

Thanks to :
The entire Kellyden Team:  Sr.Manager, W.Os (Mr.Bharali & Ms Hazarika) for arranging the facilities.

Pepper Mitra (Shri Hera Paswan) and the V.P Sirder (Shri Lakhiram) and few workers of the estate pepper core team for their assistance.