Training programme on Mechanical Harvesting

“Manual plucking is highly labour intensive: consumes almost 70% of the workers and accounts for approximately 30% of cost of production. Labour shortage is becoming a bigger and bigger issue every year and is only going to get worse in the near future.
With labour shortages STGs not only fail to maintain stipulated days round at crucial periods of the year, but they have to compromise on other cultural practices because they do not have enough available Mandays. As the rounds get extended, there is not only dip in quality, but also drop in crop.

In order to bring awareness among STGs a training programme was arranged at Lattakoojan TE on 18th July. Members of Dynamic Self Help Group from Rongbong area had actively participated in the programme. Programme was coordinated by Mr. Jaman Ahmed, Assistant Manager TEAS along with Mr Arvind Kapoor, Sr. Manager Lattakoojan Tea Estate.

“ We are looking forward for mechanical harvesting in our fields, says the members of SHG after the event.”