Flood Relief Camp at Jiakur Village, Assam

The Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. team made their way to Jaikur, located 45 kms away from Guwahati, to provide relief to the flood affected victims of the area. The inhabitants have currently taken shelter on a highland and a concrete PWD bridge in the village. The relief team with 10 quintals of food grain had to take two country boats, to reach the area as the two bridges leading to the village are under renovation.

On reaching the site, the team witnessed the plight of the families who have been forced to live under a single sheet of polythene with whatever belongings they could save before disaster struck. The highland area and the bridge where the victims have currently taken shelter, has turned filthy as their domestic cows, pigs or goats are also living in the same space.

The Gaoburha (Village Headman), who had prior intimation of the Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. team’s visit, had meticulously listed the family names, ensuring a seamless distribution of relief to the villagers, who had gathered since morning with patient expectations. It would have not been possible to carry out this programme without the commitment and support that the team received from the volunteers of Rhino Club, Kukurmara.

Below are a few moments of the day(Date – 28th Sep 2014, Amalgamated Plantations Guwahati Team – Dibeyendu Sen, Surajit Neog, Raj Borthakur, Akan Choudhury & Bidyut Hazarika).