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At Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd., we understand that the real purpose of a business is to improve the quality of people’s life. And it’s our belief that bringing a smile across faces is as rewarding as profits in our balance sheets. The company has always focused on the aspirations of the community around it by committing itself to create an enabling environment for its people. These include sustainable livelihood programmes, access to basic healthcare and education, employability training, employment generation, and youth empowerment through sports. Being the real custodians and not just owners of the assets it owns, the company invests in its responsibility towards managing them in a sustainable form as far as possible.

Raised on the ethics of inclusive growth, nurtured by the values that foster socio-economical and environmental welfare and led by a vision of cultivating prosperity and well-being, we are a company that harvests happiness in every sense.
































Message from Major Gen. M.S. Sandhu, VSM (Retd.), Sr. Advisor to the Board, Operation Smile India:

“We really appreciate the effort of Amalgamated Plantation private Ltd at GC4 ( North East Operation Smile Centre) on 11 September, 2014. Probably this may be a very small step from Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. side which created a “butterfly effect” like impact at the centre. This kind of altruistic volunteerism always boost our morale to a very high level.
A group of 12 volunteers under the leadership of Mr. Suneel Sikand worked at Operation smile Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre. The team mainly worked with our patient care team and helped to organize all our inpatient files which was due for a long time. Our organization also received a total of 60 smile bags as well as food items for the patients from Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd..
As Medical Director of the centre( Hiteswar Sarma ) on behave of whole GC4 TEAM would like to thank Mr. Suneel Sikand, Mrs. Sikand, Mr. D. S. Sen, Dr. Deben Dutta, Mr. S. Neog, Mr. Raj Barthakur, Mr.Anshu Sukla, Mr. Sandeep Gosh, Mr. Vijay Dubey, Mr. Pankaj Sarma, Mrs Juri Devi and Ms Sibani for their valuable time at the centre.”