Amalgamated Spice Park

The Amalgamated Spice Park is a testament to Amalgamated Plantation’s endeavours in pioneering projects for the adoption of sustainable farming techniques and practices . The Spice Park Assam is one of its kind, state-of –the-art value addition unit in the North East region. It is a strategic investment intended to leverage the potential of the unique range of spices from Assam & NORTH EAST India to create the much needed market linkages for the farming community in the domestic and international markets. The Spice Park is located in Nogaon district of Assam, and is spread over 6.2 bighas in a built up area of 30000 sq ft.



Our Spice Basket

Spice Park has an array of the choicest quality of Leaf Spices, Seed/Fruit Spices, Rhizomes & Root Spices and Chill to offer.


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The Spice Park is equipped to produce high quality spices that will be sourced from all over Assam & North-East India. The facilities include-

Tuber Crop (Ginger and Turmeric) Processing Line:

  • 5 belt imperial drier
  • ( 1 TPH ) semi automated line
  • Flaking – 100 Kg per hour
  • Grading – 100 Kg per hour

Seed Spice (Large Cardamom and Black Pepper) Processing Line:

  • 0.5 TPH batch drier ( 500 kg x 2 Nos )
  • Gravity separator for sorting and grading

Chili (Bhut Jolokia and Bird Eye Chili ) Processing Line:

  • 0.5 TPH batch drier ( 500 kg x 4 Nos )
  • Hammer Mil – 50 Kg/Hr
  • Chili cleaner with Aspiration System

Common powdering line ( 50 kg per hour )

Metal detector for all three lines




Collaborative Farming

The working model has been implemented with the objective of reaping benefits for all the those who are involved in the process.

  • Theme
    A thrust on integration of small and marginal farmers for sustainable livelihood generation.
  • Target
    Translating institutional customers’ benchmarks to the farm gate level through a traceable value chain for offering food safe spices.
  • Process
    Community based farming module with diversified livelihood generation avenues and scientific interventions in tandem with indigenous technical knowledge.
  • Product
    Farm fresh, food safe, export grade raw material, free of chemical residues and responsibly cultivated for direct consumption or further value addition.



Sustainability Initiatives

In accordance with our commitment to sustainability, the Spice Park’s mode of operation seeks to protect and conserve nature & natural resources of Assam & North-East India by adhering to the principles of LEWWAC.
Spice Park focuses on optimized land utilization among farmers by supporting and implementing best cultural practices for yield & productivity enhancement.

To reduce the usage of electricity inside the premises, natural lightning during the day and use of non- conventional and efficient energy sources i.e., solar and LED have been implemented.

With the motive of establishing methods for sustainable and equitable usage of water, Spice Park has introduced rain water harvesting within the facility and has put in place all other possible processes for conservation of water.

At Spice Park, organic waste is recycled through compositing and reused as humus.

Air quality and carbon
By landscaping through indigenous endemic species of flora, Spice Park seeks to counteract carbon emission and purify the air within its premises.


For spice samples and product information
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