Lab to land programme

This programme was started by Tata Tea in 1990, with technical assistance from the Assam Agriculture University, to help the farmers residing in areas adjacent to the tea estate. High yielding cash crops and winter vegetables as well as poultry are given to them, so that the sale of these can help them supplement their income.

Aqua culture

Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. is the largest organised player of fishery in the North-East, producing the best quality fish. These are supplied to the local fishing communities to ensure higher yield for generating sustainable income.

Social forestry

Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. has a large inventory of trees comprising more than ten indigenous varieties. A programme for planting 20,000 trees per annum across all its gardens has been implemented.

Organic growth

Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. believes that organic methods of farming results in a far more inclusive and enriched lifestyle. Apart from our hugely successful experiment in Hathikuli, we intend to highlight and focus on organic projects that help preserve the delicate ecological balance in the North-Eastern Frontier region.

World Environment Day

In this World Environment day let us take a pledge that the Amalgamated Plantations family of 31000 become better stewards of our planet and aspire for global sustainability leadership in the areas we operate in.

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