The word “Nowera Nuddy” derives its name from the River Neora which originates from the Bhutan hills, flows adjacent to the garden on the eastern side & joins the River Teesta down south. The estate thriving in the periphery of the Gorumara National Park, is geographically located at a longitude of 88.800 E and latitude of 26.700 N. The estate’s railway station & post office are also named after the Neora river. It is situated in the ‘doab’ or the tract of land between the two rivers, Chel on the west & Neora in the east.



Historical Landmarks

The origin of Nowera Nuddy dates back to the early 20th century, when James Finlay from Scotland began cultivating tea plantations in the North-East of the country. The estate was formerly owned by the Consolidated Tea & Lands Company (India) Ltd. The oldest tea section here, which is still being harvested, was planted in 1910. In the year 1977, Tata & Finlay joined forces to form Tata Finley and Nowera Nuddy was taken under its wing. Subsequently Finley divested their share to Tata Group and thereby in 1983 Nowera Nuddy became a part of Tata Tea & remained so till April, 2008. The estate was finally taken over by Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. in May 2008.

The year 2007 was a milestone in the plantation’s history as it listed its record produce of tea that year.



Plantation Stats

Mature Area 252.80 hectares
Immature Area 10.94 hectares
Total Tea Area 263.74 hectares
Annual production of CTC tea 6 million kg
Uprooted area 5.00 hectares
Area under Seed Bari 0.00 hectares
Area not suitable for tea 85.23 hectares
Land used for Roads, Drains etc. 14.86 hectares
Land used for Paddy cultivation 145.13 hectares
Land occupied for building & establishments 43.45 hectares
Land used for Aquaculture 0.00 hectares
Total Tea Production 5.96 lakh Kilograms
Total Estate Area 553.03 hectares



Garden Produce & Production Facility

Nowera Nuddy spread across 1365.99 acres has a cultivation area of 263.74 hectares and a production area of 252.90 hectares. The tea estate has the capacity to produce 6 lakh kilograms of CTC, Green & Orthox tea which are the final products that it has to offer. The plucking season here, begins in March, runs through the rest of the year and ends in December.

Fresh green tea leaves from the garden are plucked and processed in the factory which is located within the estate. The produce is manually sorted and individually graded. They are then packed separately into PP woven sacks, sealed and marked with hand-rollers using non-porous ink.



People Welfare Commitments

Nowera Nuddy has 881 permanent employees and during the peak season, it employs an additional 350 temporary workers. It provides 699 labour quarters to accommodate its workforce.


To safeguard their health and hygiene, the labour lines and drains are cleaned on a regular basis. Disinfectants are also methodically administered to prevent the spread of mosquito born diseases.

This apart, a 25 bedded centrally located hospital has been built close to the labour colonies to take care of their medical needs. A Govt. Sub Centre situated within the premises of the hospital, undertakes maternity and primary healthcare requirements of the working people. The estate also carries out, preventive immunisation for workers as per government protocols.

The estate has a highly dedicated medical team with 26 years of experience, lead by Dr G. S. Kundu.


The tea estate has a government run primary school located near the Office with 5 teachers and 280 students on the schools attendance register.

Community Development

The Estate Employees Council with 30 members, the mahila mandals and link workers committee comprising of 40 members, look into creating awareness on life style issues among the residents.

Packed rations are issued to the workers to improve their quality of living. Also, 40% of the labour quarters are electrified with the provision of individual metering system and work is underway to provide electrical supply to the remaining labour quarters



Environmental Commitments

Nowera Nuddy Tea Estate has endeavoured to keep its commitments towards protecting the environment and contributing in its own way to sustain nature.

Soil Control

Soil analysis is done on a yearly basis at the R&D section of Teok Tea Estate. Manures applied in the plantation are as per their recommendations. The application of bio fertilizers has been implemented to reduce the application of inorganic fertilizers which cause environmental hazards.



Certifications & Awards

SA 8000 & ETP

ISO 22000 & Rain Forest Alliance

Awarded for best quality tea sold during 1977 by the Tea Board



Recent News

The Italian Consul General visited the Dam Dim Tea Estate in April, 2014.