Teok, as it is more commonly known, has derived its name from the TAI language. It literally means – ‘The place of milk and ghee’.

The tea estate has five divisions, namely – Teok, Jogdua, Namsissu, Dallim & Konikor. The estate is well connected by road, rail & air. The nearest railway station is Selenghat, which is situated near the Dallim division. The Jorhat Airport is only 25 kms away. The R&D department’s office as well as the main office for the Agri Business, under Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd., is located within the campus of this tea estate.



Historical Landmarks

It was in the year 1927 that the foundation of this tea estate was laid by James Finlay. As per the land records available, in 1876, the estate was subsequently taken over by the Anglo American Direct Trading Co. Ltd. Thereafter, Tata Finlay took over the estate and in 1976 and named it as Tata Finlay. After a span of 56 years, in 1983, the establishment came under the acquisition of Tata Tea and remained so, till the April of 2008. And finally, the reins of Teok tea estate, was taken over by Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. in May 2008.

In the year 1996, erstwhile, Tata Tea Limited acquired ‘Konikor Dallim Tea Estate’, from M/s SPSK Pvt. Ltd. and merged it with Teok Tea Estate. And, since then, the Konikor Dallim Tea Estate has been considered as an out division of the estate. It is considered the quality platter of Teok Tea Estate.



Plantation Stats

Mature Area 476.18 hectares
Immature Area 55.78 hectares
Total Tea Area 531.96 hectares
VP Nursery 3.00 hectares
Area under Seed Bari 0 hectares
Area not suitable for tea 0 hectares
Land used for Paddy cultivation 44.42 hectares
Land occupied for drains building & Roads 263.19 hectares
Total Production of CTC Tea 12.4 lakh kg
Cultivation Area 576.38 hectares
Production Area 531.96 hectares
Land used for Aquaculture 11.92 hectares
Total Tea Production 12.28 lakh kilograms
Total Estate Area 842.57 hectares



Garden Produce & Production Facility

Teok, spread across 842.57 hectares has a cultivation area of over 576.38 hectares and a production area that covers 531.96 hectares. The tea estate has the capacity to produce 12.4 lakh kilograms of CTC tea, which is the final product that it has to offer. The plucking season here, begins in March, runs through the rest of the year and ends in December.

Fresh green tea leaves from the garden are plucked and processed in the factory which is located within the estate. The produce is manually sorted and individually graded. They are then packed separately into PP woven sacks, sealed and marked with hand-rollers using non-porous ink.



People Welfare Commitments

Teok has 1530 permanent employees and, during the peak season, it employs an additional 350 temporary workers.


It provides 790 pucca labour quarters to accommodate its workforce. Close to the Teok & Dallim’s labour colonies, there are two centrally run hospitals which provide the workers and their extended families, with medical treatment as and when they need it. Additionally, there is a dispensary at the Namsissu Division. Preventive immunisation for workers as per government protocols are also methodically carried out. The estate has a highly dedicated medical team, lead by Dr. P. C. Bora and Dr. A. Paul. Also, to safeguard their health and hygiene, scientifically designed drains have been built to remove sewage waste from their quarters.


For the children, the estate has government runs primary schools in close proximity.

Community Development

Mahila mandals and other dedicated committees look into facilitating the community’s participation in different affairs. In the neighbouring villages, the estate organizes various labs to land programs in order to encourage harmonious relationship building among the different residing communities and to uplift the rural poor.

Packed rations are issued to the workers to improve their quality of living. There are women’s groups and clubs for adolescent girls such as the Anti-Sexual Harassment Club, which looks after the welfare of women. The group gives the members the scope to interact with each other, discuss their problems and create awareness on various lifestyle issues.



Environmental Commitments

The Teok Tea Estate has endeavoured to keep its commitments towards protecting the environment and contributing in its own way to sustain nature.


There is provision of electricity at all labour quarters with separate committees looking into the same. In Teok, Jogdua & Konikor individual meters have been installed. A new users committee has been formed. The APDCL is in the process of re-connecting the electricity supply at the Teok Division. In Namsissu, an agreement has been signed with APDCL for seamless electricity provisions. The project is scheduled for Phase II. A part of Dallim is under the Rajeev Gandhi Scheme with the facility of individual billing. An agreement has been signed with the APDCL for the provision of electricity in the remaining houses. The project is scheduled for Phase II. The fishery ponds at Teok make user of 4 solar panelled lights to conserve electrical energy.

Wastage Policy

Pits have been provided in and around the residential area for the disposal of waste. Chemical wastes and hospital garbage are disposed on yearly basis through government certified agencies.

Soil Control

Soil analysis is done on a yearly basis at the R&D section of Teok Tea Estate. Manures applied in the plantation are as per their recommendations. The application of bio fertilizers has been implemented to reduce the application of inorganic fertilizers which cause environmental hazards.



Certifications & Awards

ISO 22000, SA 8000, Rain Forest Alliance, Trustea & ETP

Family Welfare Award in 2012 & 2013 in ABITA Zone II

Inter Garden Football Runners up in 2013

Trustea and Rainforest Alliance