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Training of STGs at Namsisu & Tipomia

Training for STGs of Teok T.E. at Namsisu under Jasmin Tea Plantation Tea was conducted on 14 June 2016.
The training program was conducted by TRA scientist Dr Diganta Deka and supported by estate management of Teak Tea Estate and TEAS team based out of Lattakoojan Tea Estate.

Salient points of the Training :
Pest management
Plucking and Tipping
Fertilizer application
Spraying and proper usage of chemicals and pesticides.

22 STG`s registered under M/S Jasmin Tea Plantation had taken part in the sessions. Mr A. J. Pariat, Manager Teok TE had deliberated on the importance of complying PPC and quality of green leaf harvested by STG`s. Trustea preparedness among the STG`s were also discussed.

On 14 June 2016, Training program was conducted by TEAS in association with TRA at Jorhat Nodal Center for STG`s of Teok T.E. at Tipomia under the aegis of S K Tea Plantation.

The training program was conducted by -:
1. Dr Diganta Deka, Asst Advisory Officer TRA Jorhat.

2. Mr Mrinal Bora , Assistant Manager, Teok T.E.

3. Mr Jaman Ahmed , Assistant Manager , TEAS, Lattakoojan T.E.

4. Mr Puna Baruah, Trustea Coordinator, Lattakoojan T.E.

5. Mr Biren Kumar, Trustea Cordinator, Teok T.E.

Dr Diganta Deka discussed in detail with the STG`s regarding Pest management, Plucking and Tipping, fertilizer application , spraying and proper usage of chemicals and pesticides. The training program was attended by 27 STG`s of the S K Tea Plantation. Booklets in Assamese language was also distributed among the STG`s.