Plastic Waste Management Policy

  1. Background:
    1. The Government of India has notified Plastic Waste Management Rule, 2016 on 18 March 2016. Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited [APPL] being a responsible corporate citizen wants to ensure that all stakeholders are protected through a best practice on plastic waste.
    2. This Plastic Waste Management Policy details the procedures for implementation by stakeholders connected to APPL to ensure the safe handling of plastic waste.
    3. The Board of Directors of APPL at its meeting held on 20th July, 2018 has approved this Policy for implementation.
  2. Who is responsible and how to be governed?
    1. Primary responsibility of adherence to plastic waste management belongs to all staff of APPL. To cater such responsibility on continuous basis, all staff have a responsibility to ensure they are up to date with the policy on plastic waste management.
    2. Staff within each division of APPL will be responsible for following the procedures to ensure absolute compliance of the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 to avoid any punitive action against APPL.
    3. The Company Secretary of APPL is responsible for keeping this policy up to date, communicating any amendments for compliance to staff. All Estate Managers has to ensure that the containers, boxes and labels comply with the latest guidelines.
    4. To ensure such absolute compliance updating knowledge about compliance is essential and arrangements with all relevant local authority, PCB and private management contractor for the transport and disposal of all plastic waste to be carried out and verification of compliance has to be undertaken on a periodic basis. The transportation related activities must ensure that transfer and consignment notes are completed for each uplift of plastic waste by following the guidelines issued by the Government of India or any other competent authority.
    5. Queries if any, about plastic waste management are to be directed to the Company Secretary for resolution.
  3. Practice Procedures for Plastic Waste Management:
    1. As and when guidance is provided by the TATA Group the same should be summarised in the Waste Management Practice on a continuous basis.
    2. APPL shall work out modalities for every location for waste collection system in consultation with PCB, particularly where the goods are introduced in the market by APPL having plastic wrapper or bags.
    3. APPL shall make necessary application with PCB for registration for plastic waste management.
  4. Procedure to be followed for thickness of plastic bags and sheets:
    1. The thickness of carry bags should be between 40-50 micron and for plastic sheet it has to be minimum 50 micron.
    2. The collect back system should be introduced as far as possible and the functional heads shall initiate appropriate decision in that regard through purchase order and necessary registration and legal compliance be adhered to, including plan to collection to be submitted to PCB.
    3. APPL shall segregate and store the waste generated in accordance with the Solid Waste Management Rules and handover segregated wastes to authorised waste processing or disposal facilities or deposition centres, either directly or through the authorised waste collection agency.
    4. APPL location if conducts any open space event which involves service of food stuff in plastic, or multi-layered packaging, then such packaging should be segregated and managed as per Solid Waste Management Rules.
    5. APPL from its all location shall make liaison with local bodies, Gram Panchayat for co-ordination of the waste management system and for performing associated functions.
    6. APPL shall appropriately disseminate this Policy to the stakeholders through stakeholders consultation session so that the usage of plastic could be reduced and shall organize knowledge sharing session with the stakeholders from time to time through regular conduct of contests, quiz, film-show etc.
    7. APPL shall encourage reuse of plastic waste in various applications and shall consult PCB for implementation of specific project for such purpose. Plastic waste, which can be recycled, shall be channelized to registered plastic waste recycler and recycling of plastic shall conform to the Indian Standard : IS 14534:1998 titled as Guidelines for Recycling of Plastics, as amended from time to time.
    8. APPL shall follow guidelines issued by PCB in relation to Thermo set plastic waste and shall process and dispose of as per such guidelines.
  5. Procedure to be followed for APPL Brands:
    1. APPL brands shall always be registered under Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016.
    2. Each plastic carry bag and multi-layered packaging shall have the information written in English like name, registration number of APPL and thickness in case of carry bag. Name and certificate number as per Rule 4[h] shall be mentioned in case of carry bags made from compostable plastic.
    3. Each recycled carry bag shall bear a label or a mark “recycled” or “compostable” as the case may be as prescribed in the Rules and shall conform to the Indian Standard : IS 14534: 1998.

Disposal guidelines

Product Household Public Places
Packet Tea Scrap out the residue from the laminate, empty the pack.

Ensure segregation of multilayer lamina from other waste.

Multilayer plastics should be handed over to the Local body for proper disposal / recycling or sold to the authorized recycler only.

Ensure segregation of box and shrink film from other waste.

Refrain from open burning of such plastic as it releases hazardous halogens, which has a negative impact on human health and climate change.

Avoid dumping of multilayer plastic in public places like market areas, bus stands, railway stations, cinema halls, parks, community centres, road side etc leaching of which would impact the soil and ground water.

Ensure disposal of multilayer plastics/ box in designated bins.